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Railroad Conductor gives inside look at Railroad jobs and how to get one…
If you start using the powerful tips and strategies revealed in my digital report the “Railroad Jobs Guide,” it’s possible that you could be riding the rails in the near future!
Don’t be fooled into thinking the railroad is an easy place to land a job for everyone. Sure, they’re always hiring, but here’s a secret.

You have a better shot at winning your mother-in-laws approval than you do of getting hired on your first – or even – 3rd try at the railroad.

Yes, it’s true. I know people who’ve been turned down 6 times by the RR. It wasn’t their fault really.

Why? I’ll explain more as we go along. But I want you to understand this.

Featured in Trains Magazine!
Hi Sean, I received my copy of the current subscription of Trains Magazine and read the article by Andy Cummings. As I was reading the article,I saw where you had contributed comments about getting into the railroad business. I wasn’t sure if indeed it was “the” Sean Martin until I saw the reference to your website. I am glad that the folks at Trains Magazine looked to you for real inside information. I really enjoyed reading the article.

Thanks again, Max Adcock
When you have the insider “know how” the secrets that will set you out from the crowded interview room you’ll control your odds of landing the Railroad jobs you’re dreaming about.

…Whether its Amtrak, Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX, KCS, Norfolk Southern, Canadian or any other railroad…

And you’ll strut out of the interview room knowing you have an extreme advantage over the competition…Because you were smart enough to find out the inside track on how to ace the RR interview.

You won’t have to feel intimidated by the interviewer. Or by the overflowing crowd of people who are desperately fighting for the job you want.

And you won’t worry about getting another “Sorry, we’re hiring more qualified people at this time,” note in your mailbox.

You see I endured more than one interview session with the railroad only to be rejected too.

Once, I helplessly watched as a guy who looked to be in his mid 30’s got thrown out of the interview room before he had a chance to shake hands with the interviewer.

I’m sure you can imagine the humiliation he endured. Especially once he realized that others in the room started whispering about him behind his back.

Even before he made it out the door. Poor guy. I still see the look of despair that shrouded his face.

Word spread around to me what happened. Oh, man. If he only knew ahead of time that his tiny slip up would mean his career ended right there on the spot. It’s a shame too.

More Railroad Job Testimonies
*All testimonies on this website are actual testimonies from real customers and your results may or may not be the same.
Thank-you Sean!!! I owe my upcoming successful career with “Union Pacific” to you!
Jim Robinson
I decided to email you, to let you know that I followed your e-book to a T. I had less than four hours to respond to a job-post that I just happened to stumble across with CSX. I didn’t think anything would come of it, being so late and the relentless effort to scramble my work history and a resume at the last minute, I managed to land a interview about a week later. Two days later, I received a phone call from CSX offering me job employment for the position that I originally applied for. I don’t know what happened or how it come to be, but, I said yes. I will start training in Feb-Mar. I managed to use more than half of the words on your resume list that applied. I had never done a resume before and was complimented when the call came for employment. Your e-book on railroad jobs was well worth it-thank you.
Jason L Miller
 I ordered your railroad jobs e-book about 6 months ago and read it through quite a number of times. It was full of good information and I found all of it helpful in my search for Railroad jobs. I was about to get out of the USMC and I wanted to move over into working on the rails so I used your helpful hints and interviewed with UP and Norfolk Southern. I was offered both jobs!!! I now have been working for Norfolk Southern since Nov. 8th and I love the job so far. My training period is over at the end of March and I should be marked up as a Conductor. Thanks for the help!

Onsby Rose
 I finished the testing and interviews last week with BNSF. I just received an offer for a Conductor Position with the BNSF in Texas. Your railroad jobs e-book was a great help and you were right on the money. Over 170 people interviewed and only 30 positions will be filled. I was glad to receive an offer on the first round. I had no prior experience and never attended a trade school. I was one of the few that dressed properly and prepared for the interview as you suggested in your e-book. Thanks again for your advice on railroad jobs.

Gary Ft. Worth, Texas
Within 2 weeks of reading your report I was in enrolled in the (trade school name left out) and 2 steps ahead of everyone trying to get hired with the RR. My first interview, I got hired with Kansas City Southern while I was still attending the trade school!!! 
Thanks for the vital information that really helped me prepare. Now I’m on my way to starting a great career.
Ian Davis
Hi Sean, 
It’s Jerry again. I want to thank you again for being willing to share your knowledge with myself and the others who have used the information you’ve offered. No other investment in my future has been more helpful. My wife and I decided in September to relocate farther south, which meant a new job. Since I was effectively starting over anyway, I decided on a career change and wanted to pursue a job as a conductor. Well today, 6 months later, I have received a conditional offer of employment from CSX. There is no way I could have made it on the first try without your advice! At the interview session as I watched others making the mistakes you warned me about I tried to pick out who I thought was going home early. I was right! Now, instead of wondering how to improve my chances on my next try, I am looking forward to a lifetime of opportunity. I couldn’t be happier.
Thank you very much.
Jerry in Tennessee
Hi Sean,
My name is Scott Chitwood and I live in Pittsburg, Kansas. About a year and a half ago I made the decision to pursue a career in the Railroad Industry. I purchased your railroad jobs ebook on-line for added information on how to help myself better to get employed. I also made contact with Trainmasters from different Railroads. The answer was always the same, they didn’t do the hiring anymore. Long story short, I attended one of the trade schools listed in your e-book in February and completed in March. I have just been hired by Kansas City Southern here in Pittsburg. It did happen for me so I thought I would let you know. Your e-book was very informative and helpful in my pursuit.
Scott Chitwood
Hello Sean Martin!!!!
Just letting you know thanks for your help.. My son Ronnie last Wednesday got a call from Norfolk Southern and offered him a job with the RR as a conductor. He will take a physical next Tuesday and attend conductor training school at the start of January in Georgia. He was interviewed with 15 other people for 5 job openings and he got one! Once again thanks for your help.

He will be working out of the Shire Oaks depot here in southwestern Pennsylvania…
Keep in touch if you can Ron.
Hi Sean,
I just wanted to shoot you an e mail and say thanks for the railroad jobs e-book. I went on my interview about 2 weeks ago and they called me back a week later and offered me the job. My first interview with the railroad now I am starting a new career on April 14th as a conductor for Metra RR. Your e-book had some really good information in it and I found it helpful.
Thanks Again,
Joe Canino

The “Railroad Jobs Guide” E-book, Is Your Secret Weapon
For Getting Hired!!
Cuz it was so simple to fix.

If only he’d known ahead of time?

Heck, with an average of 100+ people vying for maybe 12 open jobs at each interview session, it’s no wonder so many people walk away with dashed dreams and feeling like a failure when pursuing after railroad jobs.

Have you been looking online for BNSF railroad jobs, Union Pacific railroad jobs, Norfolk Southern railroad employment, Canadian Pacific railway jobs, Canadian National railroad jobs, Kansas City Southern railroad jobs or Amtrak railroad jobs? Get the Railroad Jobs guide so you will have the advantage over hundreds of other applicants!

Sure, you might walk into the room feeling on top of the world. Like you’ll have no problem scoring the job. Confident that your resume looks sharper and more qualified than the guy next to you.

Then BAM!

You’re rejected faster than a nerd on a blind date with hot chick.

It’s hard to choke out the words to your wife or kids that you didn’t get the job. Railroad jobs are NOT easy to get!

Especially after you promised them a better life ahead. like no longer worrying about putting gas in the car or making the mortgage payment on time.

Without warning, the weight of rejection weighed heavier than a ton of bricks smashing you into the ground.

Simply because you didn’t get one of the railroad jobs you were so sure you’d land.

And you can’t help but wonder…

What did I do wrong?

Since the railroad won’t tell you.

I will…

More Testimonies from those who invested
in the Rairload Jobs Guide!
I did everything wrong and I was not getting any hiring session invites. I signed up for your email program and I bought your program shortly after that. I learned so much and I immediately changed everything on my resume and application. After fixing all of the little problems, I applied again to BNSF and UP at two different locations. I got invites to two hiring sessions a week a part. I went to BNSF first and I really liked the vibe. Next, I went to the UP session and I had a lot of unanswered questions. I got conditional offers from both companies. I accepted the Bnsf position. I made it through the whole background and physical checks, and I just got the tentative start date for my training class. I credit your e-book and advice from friends for my successful experience.
Allan A.
Thank you. I got the job I was looking for largely due to the preparation I was able to make because of reading your e-book.
Thanks again!
Hal Church
Hi Sean,
I bought your railroad jobs guide in August, interviewed for a class One railroad in November and started training January after passing all the logistics. I am in the last weeks of conductor training for a class one RR. The information that helped me the most was the interview section (i.e. what not to say). If the wrong words or phrases are said it’s over from there out. This guide is an invaluable research tool. It helped me become a Railroader..
Sean, I bought you’re e-book, it did nothing but help! Not only did it help but it landed me a job with a class 1 RR. I am so happy I got your e-book. Thank You!!!
Patrick Neuner
I got the call and was instructed to take my medical and physical. All passed and I was given a class date! Wow! I will say your e-book prepared me for what to expect and provided lots of information regarding railroad jobs!.
Thanks for the book and God bless!
Darrell Latson
I just want to thank-you! I ordered your on-line railroad jobs book and it made all the difference in the world! After reading it I knew exactly what to expect! I assure you that your guidelines made all the difference between me “getting” or “not getting” the job! Had I not read your book I would have approached the interview much differently and I am sure I would not have obtained the position I was offered! I am a very confident person and scrutinized you book for the longest time before purchasing it. I really didn’t think I needed it. I was wrong! I have a pretty good sense of humor but I could tell right away that the woman interviewer was a professional “no nonsense” individual! I just remembered all your guidelines in your book and the answers to her questions were answered without hesitation! 4 hours later she called me offering me the position!! At that point I could hardly contain my excitement and let out a “woohoo”, she laughed for a moment and wished me a lot of success with “Union Pacific”! I could hardly believe it considering the competition! For all of you out there considering a position with the railroad, I don’t care how ready you think you are, Sean’s book is a must!!!! I am living proof!!!

My name is Sean Martin. Like I mentioned earlier, I was in your shoes once looking for railroad jobs like my life depended on it!
Through the pits of hell sweating it out with a room wall to wall with other desperate men and women.

The room was so full of tension you could cut it with a knife. All to be rejected like an imperfect toy at Christmas. My railroad jobs dream spinning further away…

The confusion as to why I didn’t stack up as well as the guys who landed what I considered “my job” practically drove me nuts.

That’s when I decided to take action and vow to never get turned down by the railroad again.

It took me months of searching the Internet, making phone calls and talking to other people before I found the answers.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t know how to fill out an application, present myself to the interviewer or create an impressive resume. Sure, I had all that down pat.

The real teeth kicker came when I realized that I’d blown it over something unbelievably simple, and completely railroad related.

Had I known these little facts sooner, I would have landed my conductor job months earlier.

I know this for a fact because I used the secrets I discovered and almost like magic, I got the call that changed my life.

They ironic thing is, people are making these same simple mistakes hiring session after hiring session. I’m guessing you made at least one of them. That’s why you aren’t working for the railroad yet.

Back in the beginning of 2006 I knew it was change for a career. I applied for a conductor position early in 2006, and was promptly turn down. In March I was surfing the web for information on how to start on my railroad career. I ran into your website, and bought your railroad jobs e-book. I rewrote my resume as you suggested. Every item I consider relevant became irrelevant, and everything that was irrelevant became relevant pertaining to getting my resume noticed. I would have never thought of rewriting my resume if it was not in the report. After submitting my resume again I immediately got an interview with a class 1 RR. Not only were you correct on your observations, but correct on the interviewing process. Only 3 days after the interview I got a conditional offer of employment.
The first thing I tell people if they are considering a career in railroading is to buy your railroad jobs report. The best amount any one can spend if they are considering a career in railroading. I owe you a great deal of gratitude, not every one can be awarded the luxury of changing careers in midlife and be happy. Many Thanks!, Larry
Hi Sean,
I just wanted to write back and let you know that I have landed a railroad job!!! You’re railroad jobs e-book helped me tremendously. I took your advice and it made a world of difference. Another key was persistence, I never gave up. Now Kansas City Southern has hired me as a Management Development Trainee and I am currently attending NARS.
Thank you so much. Many thanks!
J. Smith
Hey Sean, How are you? I hope excellent.I did get a job with Norfolk Southern. I started on October 30th working out of Buckeye Yard in Columbus Ohio. It has been a blast so far. I like the crazy hours. It is the first job I actually look forward to driving to, and smile the whole way. It is like a dream come true. The job of a lifetime for me. I will certainly pass your website on to others who are looking for a career with the rails. To me it is the top job on the planet. Everyday I am excited as to what the next will bring. My future is a whole lot brighter now. I now have a sense of direction, and most importantly no more living from paycheck to paycheck.
Thanks Mark Payne
After getting your online railroad jobs e-book I went to the hiring session and made it to the interview process. The very next day I received a phone call extending the job offer. I am going Thursday for the background check and the physical. I will let you know more as soon as I know more. Your e-book is the best investment anyone can take advantage of.
Thanks again, Tim
Update: Sean, please use my message on your website so others can take advantage of the wonderful material that you have provided, without it I would have never stood a chance. I can not thank you enough..
Again Thanks!

I recently was hired by Norfolk Southern. I am in my fourth phase of conductor training and enjoying every minute. I appreciate all the info you have made available online and by email for getting railroad jobs.
I was one of the fortunate few who went to only one recruiting session and made it to the interviews and got hired. Seventy showed up for one job opening and I got it. I met several people who had been to two or more sessions and were still trying. I met one guy who was at his tenth session. I almost walked out. However, I stayed the whole eight or nine hours and it paid off.
Thanks! J Cross
I have been offered a job with UP out of the Roseville hub here in Northern California. I am to start training 1-8-07. Your book was very helpful throughout the hiring process.
Kevin Reed McDonald
Hi, Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have rec’d employment with the Long Island Rail Road of NY. I am currently in the Track Dept but looking to advance myself with in the organization. Thank you for your railroad jobs knowledge that helped me get my foot in the door.
Tom Tomaszewski
Thanks for the latest info! Since I last corresponded with you, I wound up receiving a solid job offer from Amtrak as on-board services personnel. I am a crew member for the Silver Service trains that travel from Miami to NYC. This came very timely, as I was about to sink a lot of money (to the tune of about seven grand!) into XXXXXX freight conductor training program. Amtrak said that if I wanted to “go T & E”, I could do so after serving one year in my current position; I already have 7 months in. I hope to eventually get into some management position where I can use my education. Please keep in touch; best wishes for the Holidays!
Ralph E. Rapa
I indeed hired out on the MET RR after a 6 month pursuit. I thank you for your daily pep talk it kept me focused and motivated during the disappointing times.
You may let your readers know I had to interview twice and I had to call everyday for a month and a half to get on and I was even a friend of a friend of the recruiter! It takes patience and determination, the amount of work they put into you should reflect the amount of work you are going to give back to them, make it seem that way.
Thanks again bud!
C.S. in California
That won’t be a problem for you any more though!

Here’s why.

Because of the hard knocks and ego bruises I suffered, you can learn from my mistakes and drastically increase your chances at getting hired.

Here’s how: Simply follow the exact details spelled out for you in my new E-book, “The Railroad Jobs Guide.” This is where you find detailed instruction on mastering “the system” and shows you how to exponentially increase your odds of securing your RR future.

For one thing, it shows you exactly what the RR is looking for in an employee. It’s more than someone who will show up for work everyday. It’s more than someone who can follow company procedure.

They want people who have specific job histories. And if you don’t fit the criteria, they won’t tell you how to get around that glitch. But you can get around it when you know EXACTLY what to do.

And that’s not all you’ll learn.

This report takes the mystery out of why people routinely get denied positions for railroad jobs! Especially since the RR isn’t like any other job you’ve applied for.

That’s because it has its own set of rules, requirements and quirks that are unique to the RR.

In other words?

They’re Extremely Picky!

Check out some of what’s revealed inside this all-inclusive railroad jobs guide downloadable report!

☑ Instant access to 18 RR sites in the USA and Canada. Find out who’s hiring and who’s not

☑ The one step that sets you apart from everyone else in the interview group!

☑ How to land a RR job even if your job history has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese

☑ The 2 ways to get hired by a RR. Is one better than the other?

☑ What you can do for your current employer right now that will impress the interviewer and automatically set you several notches ahead of the competition

How NOT to get kicked out of the interview process. Even these tiny details will kill the deal for you in a heartbeat. No questions asked

☑ How to determine ahead of time if the RR is right for you. These industry wide requirements weed out the serious job hunter from the looky-loo

☑ 5 areas in your personal life that will be scrutinized with a background check before you’re offered a job. Know ahead of time what you can’t hide

What to do if you get an interview rejection email or letter. Do this instead of panicking or feeling like a loser

☑ 28 previous career choices the railroad loves to see on your resume. Are one or more of these in your past?

☑ How to legally pass the mandatory background investigation

☑ What innocent over the counter and prescription pills never to take before a RR interview! Plus an equally common food to avoid or else you’ll flunk the drug test even if you’ve never touched illegal drugs in your life

☑ Do you know the 67 key words that MUST be on your resume? Skip one and risk your resume being thrown out with the rest of the trash

☑ What “magical word” perks the ears and interest of the interviewer that will lock his/her attention on you?

☑ The second most critical personal trait the RR is always on the look out for. And what to do if you don’t have it

☑ 8 things that will automatically stop you in your tracks from ever getting hired

☑ What multiple tests the railroads require you to pass. They’re beyond the basic drug and strength test

☑ 9 questions you must be prepared to answer and how to answer them like a professional

☑ What’s the difference between a Class I, Class II or Class III RR? And what you need to know ahead of time about each one before filling out an application. Which one is right for you?

☑ A sneaky, seemingly innocent question the interviewer will ask. Say the wrong answer and you’re automatically disqualified

Now you might be wondering…

Are People Like Me Really Getting an Edge With This Information?

Absolutely! Check it out for yourself…

Great News! Out of 160 applicants (maybe more), I got picked up for one of the 12 slots in Train Service. I start school on March 20, 2006; only two days after I start terminal leave. The railroad jobs ebook prepared me more than I can say. I can’t thank you enough. One of the best investments I have made.
Semper Fi, Billy S.
Hey Sean,
Your book helped me to understand the hiring process. I got hired for an Assistant Signalmans postion out of the Seattle area with BNSF. I would like to thank you for putting this railroad jobs e-book together. Again thank you, your book was right on..
Respectfully, Richard Beers
I recently read your railroad jobs ebook on my flight out to North Platte, NE the day before the hiring session. I recently left behind my career in the military, and was looking for a new challenge. Your book helped me emphasize the skills I already possessed, and made me more confident about the interview. I got hired by Union Pacific directly at the interview, and I start training in July. Thanks for the insight on railroad jobs, I’ll see you on the road.
Take Care,
Adam Bouse
Hey Sean,
Just wanted to update you, I received my email from BNSF this afternoon and I got the job as a conductor trainee and will start July 24. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and the railroad jobs guide e-book.
David Kuchar Wellington, Kansas
Upon reading your railroad jobs guide ebook I was impressed and took it all to heart. I kept your advice in mind as the interview process evolved and immediately I saw numerous people making just the mistakes you warned against! I however, was not one of those making these mistakes because I came armed with the information in your railroad jobs guide. Using the information you provided I was able to net a Conditional Offer on my very first attempt! Anyone looking for railroad jobs should use every available resource to help them net the job. I feel your railroad jobs guide was just a medium (Very medium) investment in my future. If you are not willing to take certain risks to obtain what you want, chances are you will never reach the goal. Again, thank you so much for this information.
Kenneth P. Hargis
Hi Sean,
Just thought I would drop a note to you and let you know that they hired my husband on the spot after his interview today. Thanks alot for your railroad jobs guide e-book. It really helped us out alot. I hope this will the beginning of a great career for him.
Thanks again, Deb Wiley
You will probably believe this more than I currently am! I got a RR job! I followed your railroad jobs guide exactly! Boston a month ago and I got the offer this past wednesday! Your guide was well worth it. I am working for MBCR starting as an asst conductor. Benefit package incredible. I started training with CPR on Friday and more training next week.
Thank you.
Tom from RI.
I was looking into railroad jobs after my former employer of 17 years downsized by 25%. I ordered your book, read it and put the info to work. I filled out my resume and submitted it to a class 1 railroad. I got an email inviting me to a hiring session. At the session, they said they had received 290 applications and invited sixty people to the railroad jobs hiring session. I breezed through the testing and by noon was one of 8 to receive an interview. In the interview, we found out they had three openings. I had all my answers ready to go and it felt like I was the one in control of the interview. The next day I got a conditional offer on my very first attempt! One week later they called and said I had passed the background and physicals so off to school I go in two weeks. Your railroad jobs guide e-book made the difference!
Thank you very much,
Chuck R.
Thanks for the help I received from your railroad jobs guide ebook. I thought I was doing everything right on my own until I read “How To Get A Railroad Job”. Just a few little things made the difference. Now I am in training with CSX in Atlanta GA at the REDI center starting my RR career. Thanks again from my family and myself.
Hi Sean,
Oh I have invested in your railroad jobs guide book and I got the job. I just got back from CSX’s training center today monday I start at my home terminal..
Thanks! Scott C.
I just wanted to Thank You for your help. I had a hiring interview with UP for the Train Crew position. There were 23 people there and we all took the reading comprehension test three weeks prior so there would be no eliminations that day. Well they told us they were only hiring four people that day. Well after the scary speech, we all took a break and I was hoping some people would leave. Well, after the break all 23 of us were still there. So it was every man and woman for themselves. They told us they would interview that day and if they wanted to extend a job offer to any one of us it would be the following morning. Well I interviewed and felt I made an impression. I drove home and when I was home my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but answered it. It was the gentleman that just interviewed me. He explained to me that he told everyone he wasn’t going to make any decisions until tomorrow but he decided to extend an offer of employment to me today instead of tomorrow. Well of course I accepted. I am scheduled to start class on 6/4/. Thanks again, K.L
I finally made it!
Take care, Mac English
I want to thank you for all of the advice, I truly believe your railroad jobs guide ebook did help. I start with BNSF on the 2nd of April. Your book has a lot of pertinent advice and insight on obtaining a position with any railroad. I think it initially helped me overcome my anxiety about the process. This was my first try and I made it with your help. After the scare tactics and the many drug screens and physical testing that you have to put up with it is a tremendous opportunity.
Thanks again,
Ernest Ritchie, Gillette, Wyoming
I followed everything in your book and went to the hiring session and ran a few errands and they called me and made a conditional job offer!~
Rich B.
I just wanted to let you know that I bought your railroad jobs program and believe it really helped me get hired. I interviewed for a track worker position…13 guys showed up and they were hiring 3. Five of them failed the math/english tests so 8 of us got interviews. Well I was one of the 3 that got offers. Thanks! I was still a bit surprised I made it as I have no mechanical or construction experience really. I’ve never operated heavy equipment either. Thanks again. Brandon (Va)
I started with BNSF the end of August and passed my Conductors test 15 weeks later. There are still three weeks to go but I really enjoy the job! Thanks, Jeff
Now as if that’s not enough must-have insider know-how, here’s more that you’ll get!

☑ What gold nuggets of information you need about the company you’re interviewing for before you shake hands with the interviewer

☑ 10 questions to ask any RR trade school before handing them one red cent

☑ Not all RR schools are the same. Find out which ones deliver and which ones leave you waiting for a train that never comes down your tracks

The perfect sample resume (just copy in your own information)

☑ Learn insider information about the unions and other employee web sites

What NOT to tell the interviewer that’s sure to get you booted out the door faster than a fist fight at a sleazy bar

☑ Get the inside scoop on RR specific interview questions and HOW to answer them to increase your chances of landing railroad jobs. One wrong answer and you’ll find yourself at the exit door

☑ How NOT to dress for the interview. People make this mistake all the time when they assume they know what they’re doing. Stop it from happening to you

☑ The #1 question to ask any RR trade school before depositing money in their bank account. If they say “No” or avoid the question, you could be wasting your precious time and money

☑ 9 more questions to ask a RR trade school before choosing one

How to easily create your own professional resume

☑ Sample resume to model for FREE!

☑ A secret web site specialized for railroad workers if you get laid off or put on furlough


I can’t stress enough that the railroad is extremely tough and picky when it comes to their hiring and interview requirements. They can afford to be. If you’ve been to one of their hiring sessions, you know why.

They herd applicants through like cattle. And only the ones with what they consider to be the “perfect resume” and the “perfect application” get more than a cordial nod.

And they aren’t simply looking for the traditional highlights either. They are looking for railroad specific details. And what action you took to correct any shortcomings.

Here’s what more people said about this one-of-a-kind railroad jobs guide e-book:

I got hired by the UP at age 60! The thing I think really got me the job was that I was able to get one of my interviewers on the phone the morning after I was passed over. She was still at the hotel where we had the interviews and by chance the hotel desk rang her room when I inquired. I asked why I had been passed over. She answered that I might get a call in the future and not to give up hope. I guess my persistence paid off because I got hired a month later by phone.
Thanks, Ken T
Its been a year now since I was hired on a class 1 RR, and I love it man. I wish I knew about this line of work 10 years ago. Just thought I would say thanks again , your railroad jobs guide e-book really helped me out. Like I said I was SWIFTLY TURNED DOWN the 1st time , then I read your book and BOOM month later I was hired and off to conductor school I went.
thanks alot. Tom – Conductor
I just got hired by CSX Class 1 railroad to be a freight conductor. I leave for Atlanta Nov 16th for a 5 week training at REDI.
Thanks, Your Friend Warren
I have some great news to share with you. I was just informed by BNSF Railway yesterday, that I will be starting their training for a position as a Conductor Trainee on 13 March 2006. When it comes to the hiring sessions everything that you published in your “Railroad Jobs Guide” was to the “Tee.” From the company interview, to the way people come dressed, etc. Next to GOD, the knowledge that you shared is what got me hired with BNSF Railway. I just want to say “Thank You” for your support and for publishing your experience on getting railroad jobs. The most important thing that I learned was to have “PATIENCE” and to not give up. Yes, it can be frustrating, but you have to look at it from the company view. They want to make sure that they hire quality personnel. Well, I will keep you posted on how my training is going and maybe someday I will see you out on the rails!! V/R Rodney Jackson
Hi Sean,
The railroad jobs guide e-book helped me tremendously. I studied the book before my interview with Union Pacific Railroad. The book definitely guided me in the right direction. If I had not read the railroad jobs guide, I would not have made it past the first part of the interview. After being there, I now understand how important the information in the railroad jobs e-book is. I just finished my three week conductor training and will be reporting for work December 19, 2005 (LA). Securing this job is definitely going to be a changing point in my life.It was worth the medium price I paid for your information.
Thanks again.
Tim Thompson
Dear Sean,
I am very grateful that I bought your railroad jobs report. I was invited to a UP hiring session here in Las Vegas last month and was hired at my first interview session. Your report helped greatly even though I had most of the things they were looking for. I start my 3 weeks of conductor training in Salt Lake at the end of the month. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you have put together. This helped me out a lot as I’m sure it has with others. This has helped me chase my childhood dream and follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. Thanks once again. Sincerely,
Dan Moudree Las Vegas, NV
I received your railroad jobs guide ebook and about ten days later I went to an interview with BNSF. To my surprise I was offered a job as conductor trainee. I am sure the hints and guidelines in your railroad jobs book were instrumental in getting me the job. I start with my new company on Monday. Anyway I want to Thank you and your book, it really has helped me.
Thanks again, Joshua S. Texas
Thanks for taking the time to send me the link I know how busy you are and the hours you guys keep. I just wanted to tell you that the railroad jobs guide is great and I can see some of the mistakes I made on my first interview with U.P., I feel like it was money well spent and I will definitely refer it to some of my friends who are also in the market for railroad jobs.
Thanks again and be safe out there.
Duane Fisher Houston, TX
Update: I just want to say thanks a million I got the job! I got the call about 7:30 pm and I go in tomorrow to sign the final paperwork. I start school on June 27th, 2005.
Thanks again for all of the railroad jobs info, it was a big help!
Thank you for writing the book on railroad jobs and for getting back to me so quickly. The railroad jobs report helped me to compare my interview. I also enjoyed all of the web sites and the sample resume. Lastly, it is nice to be able to e-mail someone who has gone through the process! Thank you for your assistance.
Sincerely, Sandy Calfee
Update: Thanks to the help from your railroad jobs e-book, I got a RR job and just received my first paycheck! Thanks, Sandy
Hi Sean,
My husband had an interview with BNSF last week. The man he interviewed with said that he would recommend Jason (my husband) for employment.
Update: Jason got a job offer today for Ft.
Worth, Texas. Thanks again for your great railroad jobs guide report!
Jennifer Quick
My husband has been unhappy in his career and looking for a change for some time. Of all places, at his fathers memorial services, he ran into a cousin that is an engineer with UP. After a personal version of “the scary speech” he told my husband to go online and apply. That was on Sept 20th and we found some local openings and completed the online application (without using the cousins name). Ignorance is bliss, as they say because when the call came that he had an interview on Oct 5th we still had no clue just what what the odds of it were. Then I, as usual, got on the internet to research and realized just how fortunate he was. I talked him into buying your railroad jobs e-book, with the thought that it couldn’t hurt. Well, after conducting over 90 interviews, 6 positions were filled and guess what? You got it, one of them is his. We were even more thankful and impressed when he found out at the hiring meeting the extent others had gone to to be in the same position (e.g.: traveling across country, huge student loans..etc.) It was money well spent! Have a great day and thank you for your help.
Sincerely, Kim Leverett
Mrs. Nick Leverett Fernley, Nevada
Hi Sean,
I enjoyed reading your railroad jobs report and found it to be very informative and helpful. I ordered your railroad jobs report about a week before a Train Service interview session in Denver, Colorado. This interview session was going to be my fifth session in over two and a half years of trying to get on with the railroads, so needless to say I was willing to try everything! A piece of your report that I found especially helpful was getting myself organized with the possible interview questions and doing some research on the specific companies web site.
After reading this railroad jobs report I felt informed and more confident about the whole process. From being turned down five times, my confidence was all about shot and I was really wondering what I was going to be doing until the next interview session. This railroad jobs report helped me to focus and most of all be prepared. Overall the process was pushing 40 people through interviews a day for five days to hire for 22 positions. I don’t think that I would have made it if I hadn’t organized myself with the help of your report.
Thank you for putting this together!
Robert Smith
Denver, CO

Thanks for returning my e-mail so quickly. I did purchase your railroad jobs report yesterday afternoon. I am very glad that I did because I myself have been to a Norfolk Southern hiring day and never made it to the final eight people for two hiring jobs. Your railroad jobs report is honest and up front and you key in on things that I would not have done. I have an interview date on May 3rd and when I saw your web-site, I told my wife this is a very wise investment before spending 4000.00 dollars on a trade school. Being at crossroads in my life, I have decided to take a childhood dream and make it into reality and your railroad jobs report will get me one step closer. Thanks again,
Steve Star ~ Georgia
Hi Sean,
Your railroad jobs site is a dream for me! Also, I got to give it to ya, great idea with the railroad jobs guide e-book and all. Hopefully, you can give me some good advice on what to do in my situation… (Questions asked and answered) Thanks again for the great report and your help! Take care,
Jason H.
I purchased your railroad jobs report and I have read all of it and there is some very valuable information in there. On June 13, I will start working for a class 2 railroad [Watco]. I hired in as an engineer trainee and I will get my FRA engineer certification in about 3 months. This short line RR and your railroad jobs guide e-book should help me to get to the
next level.
Billy Sullivan, Texas
I have read your railroad jobs report many times. I recently separated from the Air Force and have been actively chasing after a conductor job here in Augusta, GA. I would really rather work for CSX but in your railroad jobs guide I saw where Norfolk Southern has hiring dates for conductors in a nearby city, so I will check that out as well. Your guide was very informative and if I end up going to one of the Norfolk Southern hiring dates it will be invaluable.
Danny B Augusta, GA
Hello Sean,
I read your railroad jobs report and liked it very much. I believe it will be very helpful in my pursuit of Railroad Employment. I’ve applied for positions with Union Pacific in Kansas and Texas. I tweaked my resume with the key word information you included in the report. I also used the 3 S’s when asked on the application what qualified me for a train service position..
Thanks, Rod Herington
I purchased your railroad jobs guide e-book, and read it cover to cover. I had one interview before I received your book, and did not get hired for that job. After reading your railroad jobs e-book, and taking your suggestions, I had a second interview. I did not wear the cowboy boots this time, I wore oxfords and a tie, and I feel the interview went much better. I used several of your suggestions. I had a very good discussion with the interviewer. I am hopeful I will get this job, they are building another shop , and are not quite ready to hire yet. But I feel your techniques were very helpful.
Thanks, Jerry
Hello Sean,
I purchased your railroad jobs program from you a few weeks ago and I got invited to a hiring session in June for Union Pacific! I am a former Police Officer for over fourteen years and I am now unemployed because of an election. Thank you for the railroad jobs web site and I will get back with you ASAP with the outcome.
Moncie Rasmus III Texas
Hi Sean,
I just recently purchased your manual on how to get Railroad jobs. (Questions asked and answered) Again, thanks for your how to get a RR job e-book. I was a bit skeptical at first but now I am glad that I bought such an informative work.
Thanks Scott Haffner
Hi Sean,
I Just wanted to take a second to thank you for writing this railroad jobs guide e-book, best money I’ve spent in years! I am 20 years old from Mars PA, and was just hired on by the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad as a conductor. It only took one interview to get in! I kid you not it was like she was reading your questions from your railroad jobs e-book word for word! I almost laughed out loud when she started reading. I start Oct. 29th, 2008 and can not wait. Good luck to you an be safe out there.
I can’t say it enough, thanks!
Stephen McCormick
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Thanks Sean,
I appreciate all the help you have given me in the past
from the Get a RR Job download to the personel advice online. I would have been lost without your help thanks again!
G. Shuffield
Hey Sean,
I read your report and had my first interview and took
all my test and now will be attending the AMDG Freight
Conductor School, June 25-2005. I am so excited…
Thanks a million!
Taylor Durling
Hi Sean,
Your report is a great program to buy, I have read through it
several times. I look forward to getting a job as a conductor.
Greg Bannister 
- Indiana
 I just purchased your railroad jobs guide to getting railroad
jobs and I think it is very well done. Thanks for the
 Jordan Lucero
 I have read the railroad jobs guide e-book from cover-to-cover and found it helpful and insightful. Until reading your report all I knew about railroad jobs was what I have been able to glean from various websites. The report was easy to read and understand.
Scott M.
Dear Sean,
 I purchased your railroad jobs guide e-book last Friday and read it Saturday 
afternoon. It was very informative and I could see where I made some
 mistakes in my attempts to get railroad jobs.
The first thing I did after reading your book was to rewrite 
my resume. Since writing comes easy to me I was able to create a resume
with all the elements you suggested. Thank you for your time and thoughtful
 consideration of my situation.
 Bruce C. Brewer
Hello Sean,
Thank you for creating a great railroad jobs guide e-book…..I’m enjoying reading it. Thanks again!
 Harry Armstrong
 This is just to say THANK YOU for a good publication that prepared me for what I was up against.
Keep up the great work, and thanks again. 
 Dan Neuenschwander, 
Rialto, CA
Hi Sean,
Thank you very much for devoting yourself and time to help people secure railroad
jobs through your wonderful e-book. It’s really amazing.
 Bart E.
I just purchased your “Insider Railroad Jobs Report”. I think it is great, and I am positive it will help me in obtaining a job.
Thank you very much for your time.
 Jason H.
 Got the job, and it is a lottttttttt to learn but I am sticking with it. I really appreciate your emails and support. Now that I am working, and biting my nails through switching etc., do you 
have any advice???
Thanks again,
I started with BNSF the end of August and passed my Conductors test 15 weeks later. There are still three weeks to go but I really enjoy the job! Thanks for your help!
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